Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School

Learn Kung Fu & Tai Chi In China

The best Kung Fu Academy

Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School is located at Pure Yang Temple, inside of the original Mount Wudang Scenery Area. We taught students from around the world whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced martial artist. From Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School we will follow the footprints of our ancestor, find the genuine Wudang Kung Fu with the wudang disciple.

We hope that the Wudang Kung Fu to spread around the world.

Traditional Kung Fu Styles

All the styles of Chinese Kung Fu are part of our weekly training

20+ Years Teaching Experiences

The traditional training methods optimized for foreigners

Wudang Disciple Masters

The original experienced Wudang 15th disciple Masters

Warm Meals & Accommodation

We provide warm meals and the most comfortable accommodation

Kung Fu Styles

Training at the China Wudang Mountain Kungfu School continues year round and is open to students of all experience levels and ages …

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Train In Wudang

When you are training at China Wudang Mountain Kung Fu Academy, our experienced Wudang Masters will do their utmost to train each student in martial arts …

Training schedule at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School changes throughout the seasons…
This plan will be adjusted individually to personal body condition, preference …

Picking the right kung fu academy via students who trained at Wudang Kung Fu school …