Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find a list of the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to send us an email to wudang.kungfu@outlook.com if you have any other questions.

Question on Admission

No! We accept students from all backgrounds, experience levels, and age groups to join us for training. As long as you are ready to commit to training, you will have a great experience!

Step 1: Inquiry (contact us).

Step 2: Apply online (Fill in and submit the Application Form online)

Step 3: Make reservation: Pay 30% of the tuition fees.

Step 4: Apply for a Chinese visa & purchase flight tickets.

Step 5: Arrange pickup.

If you have any further questions please feel free to send a email to wudang.kungfu@outlook.com.

The age of student we can accept is from 8 to 65 years old. If you are under 18 years old, your parents & guardian will need to confirm with us that you can come here on your own. Students who are younger than 13 years old must be accompanied by an adult. Any student who cannot travel alone will need an escort. For seniors who are 65 years old and above, you are required to be in a relatively good health condition, and have no severe illness.

The best times for training at China Wudang Mountainn Kung Fu School are the months in between when temperatures are not too extreme and student population is not too high, as in April – June and September – November. Typically, summer is much more busy and is comfortable for training. The colder, and slower, months of the year are December – February. This means colder temperatures but also smaller class size and more time with your instructor.

We’re located inside of Wudang Mountain Scenic Area (on the mountain) and our room is limited. To guarantee your place and ensure that your have enough time to apply for your Chinese visa and make travel arrangements, we encourage students to begin apply at least 2 more months before their intended arrival. For the summer months, the students need to apply 3-6 months in advance. Although, it is always best to get started as soon as possible.

Yes, we provide discounts on our regular tuition rates for our regular long term students. Tuition fees varies depending on the duration of your stay; the longer one stays and the cheaper per month.
For more information you can check on Tuition Fees page.

We are unable to offer work opportunity as this would violate Chinese Visa regulation. If a student is in China on a business visa, or any other type, they are welcome to join us for training.

If you are just changing your plans, please send an email to the office.

There is no fee incurred by changing the dates of your travel and study. The money that you have transferred already is your credit and can be used for training at any date. Even if you are within Wudang and an emergency occurs, you will not loose your remaining tuition. Simply let the office know as soon as possible and we can make sure to creidt your account until the next time that you come to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School.

Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School has a policy of no refunds or returns on tuition paid. The school can arrange for classes in the future in lieu of refund (You can come back to training at any time in 2 years time).

Question on Travel

Besides regular travel arrangements, one of the most important things you will need is a China Visa. You will get this by applying for a Chinese visa (most likely a Tourist Visa, but occasionally a Student Visa works as well) at your local Chinese embassy or Visa Services Center. An invitation letter can help with this process, we’ll send you the official invitation letter once you apply and reserve for classes.

Otherwise, the best thing to have is a good plan. Travel is a simple enough matter in modern society, but it is a good idea to be prepared for things that may arise during your trip. Have a good idea of where you are going, how to get there, keep your personal items safe, and prepare for ways to communicate while traveling. This could be an international phone or even just a translation app or handbook to keep with you for emergencies.

Fill in and submit Application Form Now!

You will need to apply at your local Chinese Embassy or Visa Services Center. They will tell you the things that you need for the application process. You should allow time to process this well before your planned trip to China. Usually If you apply within the month before your travel dates, you should be fine.

A few basic things that you may need are passport photos, application form, passport (with at least 6 months validity), invitation letter, and any tickets that you may have already purchased. Make sure to check with you embassy or service center to get all of the required paperwork prepared.

While there are many ways to get to Wudang Mountain depending on how you enter China, one of the most simple and most direct is to fly into China to Beijing (Shanghai or Guangzhou) and get either a connecting flight or train to Wudangshan. (Airport Code: WDS, or Wudangshan West Train Station).

Check more information on Travel Info page.

Yes. Visa extension is a simple process that we can assist you with once you are at the school if you plan on staying past your orginal visa expiration date. A few things to keep in mind is that the visa extension will most likely be equal in cost to your initial visa application and it can only be extended up until one year from your original entry date into China. This may be done in 3 – 6 month increments which means you may have to apply for multiple visa if you plan on staying for one year.

For example, if you entered on January 1st with a 3 month visa and planned on staying for a year and a half you would need to apply for visa extensions on April 1st, July 1st, October 1st,and then leave the country before December 31st of the same year. When you leave the country, you will apply for a new visa which you once again extend until your time finishes in Wudang or one year comes. Most likely you can get 6 month visa extension however, so you may only have to extend your visa once or twice as opposed to once every three months. Either way it is best to be prepared.

While traveling in any country it is definitely a huge advantage to be able to speak the language. However, it is definitely not necessary. Our office staff speaks English, and the coaches are able to explain enough in rudimentary English.

Weather is generally pretty mild in Wudang. It can a more damp environment as the season changes tend to have a fair amount of rain. We’re on the mountain, Winters can drop to just below -2 degress Celcius while summers tend to be around 34 degress Celcius.

Air quality is very well on Wudang Mountain as it is not a major city in China. There are a few days in the winter where the dry wind will bring in a slightly higher AQI index. Although this is not a usual occurence and the air quality where training takes place is fine.

The elevation of Wudang Mountain at the Golden Summit is 1612 meters (5,289 feet) above sea level and the base of the mountain range, where training takes place, is 480 meters (1,575 feet) above sea level.

After making the necessary preparations for tuition, travel, and any tourism you want to partake in during your visit, it is important to have a little extra money available. This could be for emergencies, or even just shopping around town for clothing, souvenirs, and the like. Students staying for one month or more will find that a simple budget will be about $100-300 USD per month. Students staying for a shorter period may want to budget a little more as they are more prone to spend more money in a short amount of time if they want to buy things or visit places in the local area.

Also remember that if you are staying long enough that you have to get a visa extension, you should prepare accordingly and have the funds ready for such.

For tuition, this best way to send tuition payments is by Wire Transfer through your local bank and Western Union online.

There are ATM’s in Wudngshan town that accept debit and credit cards, so you can just bring your home bank card with you when coming to China. There is a 2500 RMB daily limit in the local ATMs and they will automatically exchange the withdrawl balance in your native currency while you receive RMB. Long-term students can open local bank accounts and then have their money transferred from home. Traveling with large sums of money is not encouraged.

No, you do not need any vaccinations to travel to Wudang.

Most everything that you will need is available for purchase here locally in Wudang. Toiletries, clothing, food, souvenirs, and more are all easy to find here at the local markets.

A few good things to bring may be:

  • A good towel
  • Any converters if needed for electronics (most ungrounded devices will work fine, but it is a good idea to be prepared)
  • Shoes (if your shoe size is over size 45 Euro, it may be difficult to find training footwear here)
  • Sunscreen (we spend a lot of training outdoors and if this is an issue for you is a good idea to bring with you).

Question on Training

You are free to join and study at China Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School at any time, there are no fixed starting dates. You can either arrive during the week or at weekends. However, you need to apply and book a place before coming. After your arrival you are free to start training as soon as you are ready for it. If you arrive late at night it might even help with your jet lag to start training early next morning.

Yes! If you have a specific area of interest, whether that is Qi Gong, Tai Chi, a Sword form, or anything else within the Wudang Martial Arts, you are welcome to communicate that to us and we will work with you to create a training program that helps you meet your goals.

Daily training adds up to a total of 6-7 hours of training time in a variety of skills within the Wudang Internal and External System. From Qi Gong (or Tai Chi) in the morning, to Basic Training Classes during the day, and Meditation in the evening, you will study many aspects of wushu during your time in Wudang. Daily practice is a combination of footwork, flexbility, kicking drills, light acrobatics, coordination, balance, strength conditioning, form training, taiji practice, meditation, posture correction, stamina, weapons practice, and more depending on the season and how long you can dedicate to training with us.

You can find more information on Daily Training page.

For training purposes, It’s best if you have athletic, low cut, comfortable shoes. It is possible to buy training shoes here in Wudangshan town as well. Although it is difficult to find large shoes over size 45 European. So if you can, come prepared with shoes that are appropriate for outdoor physical training.

Training is a combination of individual and group training. We take our meals together as well as practice Qi Gong, learn basic training, and share meditation with each other. Although the second half of each main class (click to check schedule) is where students will separate and learn one on one with their coach in their specific interest.

Yes, every student receives a certificate with the Academy’s official stamp before leaving. Everything mastered will be stated on it as well as the comments your master gave you under the gradings.

The school is located inside of the Wudang Mountain Scenic Area(on the mountain). Usually we training on the school grounds, also we choose to train in schools or the original temple depending on the weather. For example, if the weather is sunny, go to the original temple to practice, and if it rains or the weather is hot, go to the school to practice.

Wudang Kung Fu is like a vast ocean, learning is an endless process. Ranging from Meditation practice, Qi Gong methods, Tai Chi Systems, short weapons, empty hand forms, and all of the basic training that goes with each, the Wudang system is a lifelong endeavor. We have some 30 different things to study at the academy including all of the above. Some students may train slower and others may train faster. Also some forms are much longer and more technical and may require a student to have extensive training in other methods. For example, if a student learns the Staff form, the movements from other long weapon forms will be a little easier to understand because of their similarity.

For more information you can find on Training Plan page.

While we enourage long term training when possible, short term students still have a lot to benefit from in the initial training. In 1 week time you can learn a Qi Gong set likes Five Animals Qi Gong, Daoist Huo Gu Qi Gong or Ba Duan Jin. In 1-2 weeks you can learn one empty hand forms (or one weapon form) like 13 Step Tai Chi Form, Long Hua Fist or Wudang Streightsword. You can find more information on our Training Plan page.

Yes, it’s totally fine for a long term student to take some time off either for going back home, or visiting friends in China, or travel to see some places in China.

Other Questions

Yes, the school provide free internet(or WIFI) set up for every room.

Most all devices are fine to plug into the Chinese style outlet (pictured below). However if you have a ground on your charging cable or, for example, your laptop, it may be a good idea to buy a reliable adapter before traveling.

Here is an example of a regular Chinese wall outlet:

Wudang Power Converter

If you wish to contact your family and friends regularly, we recommend you to bring your phone or laptop. You can also buy a Chinese SIM card for your phone. Internet (WIFI) in the school is free. Facebook, Google and Youtube are not accessible in China without a VPN.

Yes. We have Hotel-style shard double rooms (with separate beds) that can be shared with people traveling together. The tuition cost will still be per person but there is a discount for each.

All meals have vegetarian options. We normally have seperated servings of at least 4 dishes for each meal. There is normally a meat dish, an egg dish, and 2 or 3 vegetable dishes. They are cooked separated and students pick which ones they want so it is no problem for vegetarian or vegans alike to maintain their discipline.

Any special dietary concerns should be communicated to the Academy before arrival to better accommodate students.

Students can stay at the academy to relax, use internet in their room, train on their own, or go exploring the area. Many students use one of the days in the weekend for travelling and having fun to Wudang Mountain scenic area or go to Wudangshan Town. Shopping, eating, playing pool, sing karaoke are some of the options possible.

We provide three meals a day for the whole week, though students are free to eat out on the weekends.