Malaysia Team, Two Weeks

This is our 3rd time to come to Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School, we love here so much and we'll be back again!

We are a team of Tai Chi Kung Fu enthusiasts from Malaysia. In the past two years, we have come to training at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School every summer to learn Tai Chi and Qi Gong, because Wudang Mountain is the birthplace of Tai Chi. This year was our third time to visit this school and our group wanted to try something different so we chose to do it in winter.

When we arrived at Wudang Mountain Kung Fu School, we found that although it was winter, it was not as cold as we imagined. The school was bathed in warm sunshine all day long.

Before the new training started, Master Zhou checked what we learned last year. Master Zhou appreciated that we have been practicing all the time, and answered the questions we encountered in training one by one. Thank you Master Zhou for your patience.

We practice Tai Chi every morning and when the sun comes up, we meditate in the sunlight. Then start the training day. We are very happy to be able to train with Chinese students.

It is very quiet on the mountain at night. It is worth mentioning that the air conditioner in the room is very powerful, we didn’t feel cold at all! The school food is also very good, and the members of our team are very satisfied! A big thank you to all the staff at the school and we will be back again!

Best Wishes!

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