Master Liu Shang Shang

Master Liu Shang Shang, the generation disciple of Wudang sect, inheritor of Wudang Martial Arts

Master Liu Shang Shang likes Wudang Kung Fu and Taoist culture very much. He came to Wudang Mountain to learn from the Grandmaster Zhou Xin Chen since he was a child.

Master Liu Shang Shang is skilled in Wudang Tai Chi, Wudang Xuanwu Fist, Wudang Eight Immortal Straightsword, Wudang Tai Yi Fu Chen Weapon and other Wudang internal Fists.

Master Liu Shang Shang has participated in many performances to promote Wudang martial arts and Taoist culture. In 2019 he won the second place in the weapon group of the first “Decisive Battle of Wudang”. In 2021, he was invited to perform Wudang martial arts for audiences at home and abroad at a series of activities in the Wudang Mountain Temple Fair.

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