Master Liu Yu Ting

Master Liu Yu Ting, the generation disciple of Wudang sect, Wudang Wushu standardized coach.

Master Liu Yu Ting is an excellent Wudang Wushu standardized coach certified by the General Administration of Sport of China, the generation disciple of Wudang sect, inheritor of Wudang Kung Fu.

When Master Liu Yu Ting was young, he liked to read Taoist classics and martial arts novels. At the age of twelve, he came to Wudang Mountain to learn Wudang Kung Fu and Taoist culture from Master Zhou Xin Chen. During this period, he was invited many times to give lectures in many units and schools in Beijing China. At the same time, he often traveled with Master Zhou Xin Chen to Shanghai, Guangzhou, Italy, Australia, the United States, France and other regions and countries to promote Wudang Kung Fu and Wudang traditional culture.

Master Liu Yu Ting has participated in national and international martial arts championships and got many awards and high praises. In 2016 he won the first prize in the 6th Wudang National Competition for his Tai Chi Fist and Tai Chi Straightsword held in Shiyan City, Hubei Province. In 2017 he won the first prize in the 13rd National Games Competition for his Tai Yi Five Elements Fist held in Wudang Mountain.

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